There are several ways to get involved with the Schumacher Arts, Culture & Heritage Association.

The first is to become a supporter and make a financial contribution to SACHA, where all money received goes towards our various arts, culture and heritage activities.

To become a supporter click here

The second is to volunteer your time and experience by sitting on the board of directors or one of our working committees.

The third is to advertise in the Spirit of Schumacher newsletter to help SACHA offset the quarterly costs of publishing (announce births, anniversaries, memoriams, events, business activities).

To volunteer or advertise email us:

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SACHA would like to thank the following people and businesses for their generous support and contributions. It is very much appreciated.

Individual Supporters ($15):

Walter Battochio; Pierrette Campsall; Delores Capeless; Jon Chenier; Mary Kay (Ashton) Claydon; Diane Dwyer; Gloria Ann (Yankovich) Easton; Connie Fournier-Nelson; Marcel Gautreau; Bonnie (Fleming) Gorham; Linda (Little) Griffis; Linda Guacci; David Hamilton; Bernice Harper; Margaret (McGee) Inskip;  Judith (Fleming) Jaeger; Dave Jenkin; Marion (Furlong) Kearns; Florence Kelly; John Kivioja; Judy (Little) Kleven; Natalie Komadina; Norah Lake; Allan MacDonald;  Anne MacDonald; Linette MacDonald; Patricia (Wong) MacLachlan; Jeannette (Pustna) Mairs; John Maletich; Carmen Marchiori; Mary Miloknay; Pauline Murray; Gary McAlpine; Shirley McGarry; Mary (Gornick) McGrath; Gerry McNair; Pauline (Perkovich) O’Brien; John Perkovich; Tyler Pilon; Stacy (Sloan) Poupart; Alexis Price; Al Proulx; Lisa Romanowski;  Bob Rowe; Patricia (Krupka) Saeglitz; Twila (McAlpine) Sauve; Bill Stimac;  Carole Stoddart; Kathy Vukobratic

Family Supporters ($25):

Alexander family; Mark & Judith (Colbert) Barkel; Cecile Battochio; Santo Battochio; Ann (Stark) & Brian Bell; Ken & Luanne Brezenski; Caroll & Merle Brownrigg; Gord & Mary Lou Cameron; Barb & Joe Campbell; Anne Cepuran; Ed & Mary Jo Cepuran; Mark & Sue Chenier; Rolly & Zora Chenier; Ida Cicci; Joanna & Gord Conley; Sonia Corbiere; Micky & Darlene Cyr; Marty & Sherry-Lyn Delich; Bonnie & Dale Dirkson; Jen & Rene Dunkley;  Linda & Terry Dunn;  Guy & Deborah Dupuis; Mark & Jose Duquette; Archie Flora; Bill & Peggy Frankovich; Claudette Fregonese; Gallant Family; Peter & Nilma (Flora) Gazzola; Ron & Sylvia Gervais: Catherine (Brown) Graham; Mary Gvozdanovic; John & Kay (Dutchie) Hamilton; Dave Harbar & Janet Sebalj; Don & Joanne Hartling;  Jack & Ruth Hartling;  Rick & Laura Hazlewood; Mary Herceg; Dorothy(Rowe) & Tupper Hopkins; Gloria & Bill Keegan; Mike & Maureen Kelly; Rob & Linda Knox; Shirley Knox; Sylvin Lacroix; Dan & Lise Lauzon; Kenn & Sandra Lessard; Laurie & Roy Lindsay; Doreen Lister & Ted Anderson; Nik & Sandra LoRegio; Tony & Carol Loregio; Darrell & Bernadette MacGregor; Clayton & Marilyn McAlpine; Bill & Gil McCallum; Barry & Marilyn McInnis; Geoff & Lisa McKay; Mary Monaghan; Joan & Louis Morellato; Kevin & Melissa Narduzzi; Tom & Donna Perron; Mike & Paulina Pintar; Darlene & Mike Polowy; Ed & Karen Pupich;  Nick & Helen Resetar;   Vera & Henry Romanowski;  Lorne & Jane Rowe;  Don & Lorraine Saarela; Anthony Salomone; Jane & Dave Schultz; Ed & Theresa Sebalj; Alexis Shields; Dr. Christopher Shields; Danielle & Mikka Spehar; Karen & George Stefanic; Byron Stevens; Mike & Lynda Sura; Robin & Dave St. Aubin; Don & Betty Tambeau; Matt & Hollie Thompson; Alexis Hodson-Turpin & Lynn Turpin; Bev & Lyle Urquhart; Vicevic Family; Connie Videto; Liz (Knox) & Victor Violin; Diane Wahlman; Dawson & Elsie Winchester; Wally & Ruth Wiwchar; Jim & Martha Wood; Gloria (Stimac) Zagrodnik

Business Supporters ($50):

Blackhawk Transport (Grant MacDonald); Northern Windows & Doors; Porcupine Advance; Pro Tackle Co.; Thurston Stained Glass
Contributors (over & above membership fee): 

Santo Battochio; Gord & Mary Lou Cameron;  Barb & Joe Campbell; Ed & Mary Jo Cepuran; Sonia Corbiere; Bonnie & Dale Dirkson; Jen & Rene Dunkley; Diane Dwyer; Bill & Peggy Frankovich; Claudette Fregonese; Marcel Gautreau; Mary Gvozdanovic; David Hamilton; John & Kay (Dutchie) Hamilton; Bernice Harper; Margaret (McGee) Inskip; Gloria & Bill Keegan; Marion (Furlong) Kearns; Rob & Linda Knox; Kenn & Sandra Lessard; Laurie & Roy  Lindsay;  Allan MacDonald; Anne MacDonald; Patricia (Wong) MacLachlan; Clayton & Marilyn (Pupich) McAlpine; Mary (Gornick) McGrath; Barry & Marilyn McInnis; Gerry McNair; Mary Monaghan; Pauline Murray;  John Perkovich; Stacy (Sloan) Poupart; Alexis Price; Al Proulx; Vera & Henry Romanowski; Lisa Romanowski;  Patricia (Krupka) Saeglitz; Jane & David Schultz; Alexis Shields; Dr. Christopher Shields; Byron Stevens; Carole Stoddart; Matt & Hollie Thompson; Lyle Urquhart; Vicevic Family; Connie Videto; Kathy Vukobratic; Liz (Knox) & Victor Violin