Schumacher Foundation


Lesley Blanchard is the Director of the Schumacher Foundation, and along with her brothers, Carter and Hunter Finnell, foundation trustees, the three are living links between the community and Mr. Schumacher. Frederick W. Schumacher, was their great-grandfather, and he started the Foundation in the early 1950’s.

The Foundation’s contributions to the community of Schumacher are well known – giving annual Christmas presents to every child in the community since 1916, providing student scholarships, supporting community initiatives like the school playground upgrade, Camp Bickell renovations, funding for  Schumacher Lives documentary film & interactive website project, and to SACHA for the presentation of community events and Spirit of Schumacher newsletters & website.

Thanks to the Schumacher Foundation and their spirit of generosity over the last 100 years, Schumacher continues to shine because of a man and family with a heart of gold.