The Early Days of Schumacher

img-01In 1910, Schumacher was just a train stop known as Aura Lake, but with the discovery of gold in the Porcupine mining camp, it attracted the attention of Frederick W. Schumacher, a mining investor from Columbus, Ohio. Upon arriving in Aura Lake, he built the Schumacher Mine, purchased several mining properties and then subdivided the “surface rights” into lots for a planned town site. In exchange for a railway “right of-way” and train station, the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway Commission and Ontario Post Office General changed the name from Aura Lake to Schumacher, Ontario on March 1st, 1912.


railroadWith the discovery and development of the Schumacher, Hollinger, McIntyre (by prospector Alexander Oliphant aka Sandy McIntyre) and Coniaurum Mines, Schumacher prospered. It grew from a hamlet of a few cabins in the woods into a dynamic community with over 3,000 ethnically diverse people, that included Italian, Polish, French, German, Ukrainian, Finnish, English, Scottish, Irish, Chinese, Ojibwe, Cree, with Croatian being a dominant ethnic group.



Schumacher Public School - Top Left

Schumacher Public School – Top Left

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