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The purpose of SACHA calling a community meeting in February 2017 was to discuss the subject of Schumacher Heritage Preservation & Community Revitalization because we’re concerned about the future of our community. Schumacher, Ontario came into existence on March 1, 1912, and for 60 years the people and community experienced steady and stable growth while creating a high quality of life for themselves and people in the Porcupine when part of the Municipal Township of Tisdale.

Then in 1973, Tisdale and Whitney Municipal Townships were forced to amalgamate with the Town of Timmins, Municipal Township of Mountjoy, and 31 unincorporated townships to create the City of Timmins. Unfortunately, during the last 45 years, Schumacher has experienced significant loss – socially, politically, culturally, environmentally and economically – mainly due to government and mining company decisions that have isolated and neglected it. With the possible closing of Schumacher Public School, the people and community have reached a crisis point.

So what happened to the people and community Schumacher before and after amalgamation?

The historical document and a video presentation at the February 2017 meeting sought to explain what happened to Schumacher and make recommendations to preserve its heritage and revitalize the community.

Download the Historical Document –  Schumacher, Ontario: 60 years of Ups and 45 Years of Downs! 

Frederick W. Schumacher

Frederick W. Schumacher


The Early Days

The Good Old Days

The Downside Of Amalgamation

The Future of Schumacher